The internet is the hub of modern business and creativity. As an experienced internet law attorney, I can help protect your work and your passion, whatever that may be.

My practice is based in Los Angeles, but I often represent clients throughout the United States and the world. Because almost all of my clients operate online, I regularly handle issues in e-commerce and internet law. Topics I have dealt with include:

  • Website terms of service and privacy policies
  • Web development contracts
  • DMCA take-downs and safe harbors
  • Clickwrap agreements

At DPG at Law, I continuously read and research new developments in Internet law and have written articles about copyright online.

A Trusted Law Practice With A Varied Clientele

The pace of change in the online arena is among the fastest in any legal field. As an experienced digital media lawyer as well as an online content creator myself, I understand my clients’ concerns. Some of my work has included:

  • Advising owners of a popular YouTube channel on DMCA take-down practices
  • Creating terms of service for a client’s website
  • Analyzing the validity and enforceability of a clickwrap agreement
  • Reviewing software developer employment and work for hire contracts