A hallmark of my legal practice is a passion for and expertise in intellectual property (IP) concerns, especially copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and rights of publicity. My work in IP law includes such transactional matters as:

  • Transfers and licensing
  • Rights clearances
  • Registration of trademarks and copyrights for federal and state protection
  • Avoidance of copyright infringement disputes

Southern California Copyright Infringement Attorney

In my free time, I closely follow news and issues in copyright and trademark law, both in jurisprudence and in legal theory. I have also written many legal articles on intellectual property law.

As an experienced intellectual property law attorney, I have handled diverse situations including:

  • Procuring rights of publicity and copyright licenses for use in a video game
  • Filing for federal protection of trademarks and service marks
  • Helping an apparel designer make shirt artwork that would avoid copyright infringement