Not many attorneys have been able to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the entertainment industry. However, with DPG at Law, I have not only been on the frontlines helping clients respond to these changes, I have helped some of these changes come about in the first place. No one better understands the issues facing individuals and businesses working in new and online media.

My practice is based in Los Angeles, but I often represent clients both nationally and internationally.

As a frequent online content creator myself, I understand the challenges my clients face. Whether your business model centers on YouTube, Twitch, social media, or your own website, I know I can help.

Digital Entertainment Services Throughout The United States

Over the years, I have used my practice to represent many clients in new media and online entertainment, including major YouTube channel owners, some of the first and most influential Twitch streamers in the world, online musical acts, and more. I have:

  • Reviewed and negotiated contracts for major Youtube web shows
  • Negotiated streaming agreements on behalf of major live online video streamers
  • Drafted channel contracts used by a multi-channel network (MCN)
  • Reviewed musical licenses agreeing to place a client’s song in television commercials
  • Obtained federal trademark protection on behalf of many clients