At DPG at Law, I have a transactional law practice in new media and entertainment law with a diverse clientele.

Practice Areas

Representative Clients

  • A professional esports player who has received contract offers from major esports teams
  • A Twitch broadcaster hiring contractors and negotiating with venues and events
  • A video game developer negotiating with publishers and expanding its business
  • A YouTube entertainer seeking a new contract with a multi-channel network (MCN)
  • An apparel company looking for copyright advice and trademark registration
  • An app developer looking to navigate iOS and Android guidelines

My understanding of the problems my clients face is not merely professional; my background in esports, entertainment, and video games has given me personal knowledge as well.

I strive to be approachable, friendly, and down to earth with everyone and to always make my clients feel comfortable and satisfied. Please contact me via whichever contact method is easiest for you. My practice is based in Los Angeles, but I often represent clients both nationally and internationally.