Growing Up Gaming

I began playing video games as a toddler, when my father brought home our Commodore 64. Along with my two brothers, we spent countless hours playing games on the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Dreamcast, and more. I have been playing and posting under the gamertag “UltraDavid” since 1994.

Competitive Gaming Before Esports

2001 marked my first foray into the competitive side of gaming. I became a regular at the Bearcade, UC Berkeley’s campus fighting game arcade, and at Family Fun Arcade, the center of my fighting game community back home in Southern California. Upon entering Georgetown University Law Center in 2005, I often played at local fighting game gatherings as well. I even got to play with foreign players when I studied abroad, first in Paris and later in London. All the while, I regularly posted in-depth guides and FAQs on online message boards and created an early YouTube channel for fighting games.

In 2008, just after I had taken the California bar exam, Street Fighter 4 came out in the arcades. While many of my friends were taking post-bar vacations, I simply went to Denjin Arcade or Family Fun Arcade multiple times every week. I quickly became one of the best players in the country, winning local tournaments, placing high in major national tournaments, and becoming friends and training partners with fighting game legends.

Coming to Commentary

Then in 2009, some of my friends started LevelUp, one of the first regular video game streams in the world. They needed hosts, and they asked my friend James Chen and me to fill that role. What began as a small stream in a little garage grew rapidly, as did other fighting game streams and events. James and I started our own fighting game content production company in 2011, creating Twitch and YouTube channels that have received millions of views over the years. We still stream the most-watched weekly fighting game news show every Tuesday, produce gaming-related live streams and recorded videos, and have even run our own events.

Over the years, I have been one of the most popular and sought-after commentators in the fighting game community, having commentated all over North America as well as Europe, East Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. I have been on broadcasts from Ustream to Twitch and from TBS to ESPN and in venues from hotel ballrooms to the Barclays Center. I still play fighting games, but nowadays I focus more on commentating than competing.

Looking back, I was lucky enough to have been a pioneer of what we now call esports. As a player, content creator, commentator, host, event organizer, and more, I have been contributing to the growth of competitive gaming for nearly 20 years.

An Attorney Who Understands

When I began my legal practice, I began it in the industries and communities I knew better than anyone else: video games, esports, and online entertainment. My first clients were people I met through my own efforts in these spaces, and many were pioneers themselves in roles such as live streaming, content creation, playing professionally, organizing events, developing games, and more.

No other attorney in the world can match my degree of history and engagement in these practice areas. My lifetime of personal experience dealing with the same industries, communities, issues, and ideas as my clients provides me with a depth of knowledge and experience that is simply unmatched.

The Short List

My all time favorite games are Street Fighter III: Third Strike, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, World of Warcraft, and the Civilization series. My current rotation is Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, and Teppen.

If you would like to contact me regarding games or commentary, please email me at