From the Ground Floor

In 2011, I became one of the first attorneys in the world to practice esports law. I did not focus on esports was because it was popular, but because it was my niche. Since I began competing in tournaments in 2002, I have helped this hardcore hobby go mainstream as a player, coach, commentator, journalist, event organizer, content creator, and attorney. My first clients were my friends, and my friends were professional players, streamers, YouTubers, and tournament organizers. Moreover, I have continued to build close relationships with key players throughout esports ever since.

As a result of this experience, I have often been asked to present my thoughts on esports. I have written articles on many aspects of esports law. I have also lectured on legal issues in esports at GDC’s eSports Summit, CEO 2019, and the 2018 Esports Bar Association Conference. In addition, I was an initial Co-Executive Director for the Esports Bar Association, the world’s first professional association for esports law practitioners.

Comprehensive Client List

I have worked in every aspect of the esports community and industry. For instance, my clients have included:

  • Professional and amateur competitive players
  • Esports teams
  • Major tournament and event organizers
  • Stream broadcasters
  • Competitive video game developers and publishers

Examples of Work

My legal services as an esports law attorney have included:

  • Drafting tournament rules and rights releases for a tournament and event organizer
  • Forming a business and drafting player and coaching agreements for a team
  • Negotiating esports team agreements for professional players
  • Reviewing and negotiating sponsorship agreements
  • Drafting commentator and event contracts for a broadcaster

My practice is located in Los Angeles, but I often represent clients across the United States and the world.