Digital Entertainment Services

Over the years, I have represented clients across the fields of digital entertainment, such as:

  • YouTube content creators with million-plus-subscriber channels
  • Trail-blazing Twitch streamers located both nationally and internationally
  • Digital production companies hiring performers, editors, and artists
  • Online musical acts pursuing sponsorship and advertising contracts

Examples of Work

Some of the legal services I have provided to my clients in digital entertainment have included:

  • Reviewing and negotiating six-figure contracts for YouTube web series
  • Negotiating streaming and sponsorship agreements on behalf of major Twitch streamers
  • Drafting channel contracts used by a multi-channel network (MCN)
  • Reviewing musical licenses agreeing to place a client’s song in commercials

My practice is based in Los Angeles, but I often represent clients throughout the United States and the world.

Digital Native

With DPG at Law, I have been on the front lines of the rapid evolution of digital entertainment since 2011, helping clients respond to and push the boundaries of these changing times. As a frequent online content creator myself, I understand the challenges my clients face. Whether your business model centers on YouTube, Twitch, social media, or your own website, I know I can help.