Representing All Kinds

I have represented many types of designers since I first began DPG at Law in 2011. These clients have included:

  • Apparel sellers creating designs under major corporate licenses
  • Merchandisers hiring designers and navigating production issues
  • Graphical designers working with international clients
  • 3D printing businesses selling design files and manufactured items

Working With You

At DPG at Law, I view drafting contracts and advising clients as a creative, collaborative, iterative, expertise-driven process very much like the method my professional design clients employ in their own businesses. I provide services to my design clients such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing artist agreements
  • Writing and negotiating purchase agreements
  • Pursuing remedies on behalf of a client after third party production problems
  • Working with licenses and rights agreements from major rights holders
  • Advising clients on avoiding copyright and trademark infringement pitfalls

My practice is based in Los Angeles, but I often represent clients throughout the United States and the world.

Hobbyist First

I represent my clients in 3D printing, apparel, and graphic design with the appreciation of being a hobbyist maker myself. I began building arcade-style joysticks in 2005 and have made over a dozen different designs, each with many iterations. My most recent project is called the “splitbox” and has gone through prototypes based in wood, acrylic, and now FDM-printed PETG. I also enjoy using FreeCAD and Tinkercad to design household items and gifts. Lastly, I spent years engaged in amateur graphic design while creating my personal content.