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I have deep expertise and strong relationships in video games, esports, entertainment, new media, and intellectual property. In 2018, I helped form the Esports Bar Association, of which I am a Co-Executive Director. I am also a regular at related events throughout the United States and closely follow news and legal developments in each of my practice areas. This familiarity has often been vital in finding solutions, safeguarding business, and opening new doors for my clients.

My experience with video games, esports, and entertainment goes beyond my legal work.

I began playing video games competitively in 2002 and still play regularly, although casually, even today. Since 2010, I have also been one of the marquee commentators at some of the largest fighting game tournaments and esports events in the world. In my spare time, I operate fighting game and esports themed web shows, work with the world's leading video game media networks, and edit and write for creative writing magazines, newspapers, and websites. As a result of this personal experience, I believe I understand the legal issues that face my clients in a way that few others can.

You can find more about my industry experience here.

My all time favorite games are Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and World of Warcraft. My current rotation includes Street Fighter V, Soul Calibur 6, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, and The Legend oF Zelda: Breath of the Wild.



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