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Discussing NSA Spying on Al Jazeera America

Recently it was revealed that the National Security Administration has been spying on people playing video games online. Agents recorded text, chat, and biometric data on the Xbox Live network, World of Warcraft, Second Life, and more in what was billed as a way to gather information on terrorists, although the leaked documents show that no actionable terrorism intelligence has been found in the half dozen year history of the program. Needless to say, I was not happy about this.

With that in mind, I was invited to come on Al Jazeera America to discuss both the legal and video gamer's perspectives on this. I shared a brief discussion with its host and longtime newsman John Seigenthaler. You can find the video here:

It was my first time in a live television appearance available to more than 50 million households around the country, so I was just a little nervous, but I think I got across everything I wanted to say. And in any case it was really fun! Hope I get a chance to do this again in the future.



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