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Esports and Competitive Video Gaming Law

DPG at Law is one of the few legal practices in California or the United States with a dedicated expertise in esports and competitive video gaming.

My office is located in Los Angeles, but I often represent clients throughout California and the United States.

My clientele in esports and competitive video gaming has touched on every aspect of the industry, from teams to players, tournament organizers to live streamers, game developers to game publishers, and more. My esports legal services have included:

  • Esports team formation and business development
  • Player agreements and player transfers
  • Tournament rule creation
  • Rights releases
  • Live streamer and commentator contracts

I have deep roots in competitive gaming and esports, having worked as a live commentator at many of the biggest fighting game events in history and competed in tournaments myself for many years. I closely follow events, teams, and results across many games. As a result, my depth of understanding of the industry is unparalleled. I have handled many different types of cases in esports, such as:

  • Drafting tournament rules and rights releases for a tournament and event organizer
  • Forming a business and drafting player and coaching agreements for a team
  • Negotiating player rights transfers from one team to another
  • Reviewing and negotiating sponsorship agreements
  • Drafting commentator and event contracts for a live streamer

In my spare time, I often write popular articles on esports law concerning major topics such as player contracts in League of Legends, legal pitfalls of sportsification, players getting athlete visas, and so on. I also speak on legal issues in competitive gaming, such as this talk at the Game Developers Conference eSports Summit.

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I offer preliminary consultations to potential clients completely free of charge. I can be reached in person or through the phone at 424-262-1718, Skype at dpgatlaw, email at david@dpgatlaw.com, or my convenient online contact form.



DPG at Law
3415 South Sepulveda Boulevard
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Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: 424.262.1718
Email: david@dpgatlaw.com
Skype: dpgatlaw
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